Simplified Technical English, ASD-STE Issue 7 Abort, boot, communicate , debug, download, format, install, load, manage, process, reboot, update. Get a free copy of the current issue of the ASD-STE Specification To get a copy of the current issue of STE, do these steps: Click below to download the. ASD-STEIssue 7. Simplified Technical English - International specification for the preparation of technical documentation in a controlled.

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Simplified Technical English, ASD-STE Issue 6 But you can write “ welding torch”, “grinding wheel”, “download mode”, “file format”, etc. ASD-STE Simplified Technical English extends the concepts of plain English. ASD-STE brings engineering rigour to the English. ASD-STE Simplified Technical English. The Standard for Accurate and Efficient Documentation. Claudia-Maria Hofbauer. Austrian National.

Now, given the success and adaptability of Simplified Technical English STE across industries, this long overdue name change is a very much welcomed move. Naturally, a cake celebration was called for after writers worked so very hard on their STE rewriting assignments.

Recommended for all manual writers! Here are some of my observations: Seemingly overlapping writing rules were either removed or combined with others.

The results? Before you get the wrong idea, the message of STE did not change, it only crystallised. What transpired during those four years since the older issue in was a major overhaul where rules were succinctly rephrased and cleverly reorganised.

Every rule now includes a comprehensive description and explanation. Sentence examples were revised to facilitate a more progressive and concise understanding, coupled with an accurate use of this technical English writing standard.

A reduced learning curve As a controlled language, STE writing rules and its core vocabulary or general dictionary of words work hand in hand to facilitate your authoring process. In technical documentation, ambiguous text is bad. Each instruction must be clear.

For example, we use synonyms such as ' technical writer ' and ' technical author '. This website is a marketing tool. If people use the term 'technical author' in search engines, and if our term is 'technical writer', then people will not find this website.

ASD-STE100 Issue 7 Released – ‘Simplifying’ Simplified Technical English (STE)

Therefore, we use the synonyms. Thus, the website is clear to people who do not read English well, and readers can use machine translation. An alternative opinion Some professional technical writers think that synonyms are good.

I asked Barry to explain, and he wrote: When I refer to a product name, a product component, a scientific concept, or any sort of technical noun , I want to make sure that I refer to this thing in the same consistent way each time.

Thus, a "widget" on page 10 cannot become a "gadget" on page 11 and a "doohickey" on page Such name shifts confuse readers.

If TechScribe supplies new rules for the term checker that operate only with the most recent version of LanguageTool, then to use the new rules, you must also update LanguageTool. Copy grammar.

To be safe, move the current disambiguation-ste7. This version of the term checker can show proper nouns with a coloured background.

Not just a standard for maintenance documentation only

To see the new colour, you must do the procedure To show error types in colour. After you are sure that the new version of LanguageTool operates with the term checker rules, delete the old version of LanguageTool and the backup version of disambiguation-ste7.

Usually, a new version of the term checker is available approximately 1 week after the LanguageTool release. We will tell you by e-mail and on the RSS feed.

Download LanguageTool version 4.

Edit LanguageToolThus, training is essential. As part of the course creation and administration, Steven has created, corrected and provided feedback for STE quizzes. In the LanguageTool stand-alone installation directory, edit.. Technical names are mainly nouns that you need in order to write meaningful content about your specific product or services.

Are you ready to make STE your strategic partner?

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