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The Wealth Man Jason Butler.

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Review Visual Arts. Spotlight on guitar heroes and heroines.


Theatre to watch in New York. Review Music. Nadia and Lili Boulanger at the Barbican — major works rise to the occasion. Beauty and Sadness — the world premiere of an atmospheric new opera in Hong Kong.

Six films to watch this week. Mid90s is a portrait of adolescence steeped in nostalgia. Director Neil Marshall brings a blunt Britishness to the new Hellboy movie. A Deal with the Universe — a revelatory documentary about a trans man and a pregnancy.

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The new school dinners. FT Weekend Quiz: FT Magazine. FT Magazine Aliya Ram. The perils of AI bias. Magazine - Interviews Weekend long reads. Meat recipes. My Addresses: Magazine - Science Space exploration. Astronomers release first image of a black hole. Anjana Ahuja.

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UK property. Must I pay a service charge for a lift I never use? Prime property. Hot property: Console yourself with a stylish table.

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Personal Finance. Nationwide breaks mould with mortgages for overs. Marriage and divorce. Divorcees face lower legal bills under law reform. About 1.

FCA reform of pension exit fees faces test from providers. Private investing. Tax-efficient schemes enjoy second-highest year on record. Next Act. The intergenerational money-go-round is needed more than ever.

Do we need to pay tax on income given to us by our mother via her Isas? My First Million: Paul Tustain, founder of BullionVault. Close Financial Times Edition. Search the FT Search. World Show more World links. US Show more US links. Companies Show more Companies links. Markets Show more Markets links. The Financial Times published the article on 21 August entitled Harmony in Xinjiang is based on three principles.

The full text is as follows: Recently, the Financial Times and some other British media have carried misleading reports on Xinjiang. The Chinese people often say: "One does not know how vast and beautiful China is until one visits Xinjiang.

The Uyghur, Han, Kazakh and Hui living in Xinjiang each has a population of over 1m, with the Uyghurs accounting for about 48 per cent and the Hans accounting for about 37 per cent of the entire population of Xinjiang.

Xinjiang highlights the beauty of China with its ethnic harmony. People of all ethnic backgrounds respect and love each other, and work together for a better life. This has enabled rapid economic progress in Xinjiang in recent years.

The growth rate of its GDP ranked the fourth among all Chinese provinces in China is able to achieve ethnic harmony, economic growth and social progress in Xinjiang thanks to three basic principles.

The first is equality of all ethnic groups. It is China's consistent position to oppose ethnic discrimination of all forms against any group, and to prohibit all moves that undermine unity and incite division.Therefore Clegg bears no responsibility for Brexit.

Jonah Hill: Letters UK - Weekend Letter. An activity-based introduction to stylistics, this textbook explains some of the topics in literary linguistics and helps students in analysing written texts.

Janan Ganesh. The Supreme Court said a lawsuit against Apple over alleged monopolization of the iTunes app store could go forward.

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