BEGIN HERE HOW TO USE YOUR MARRIAGE FITNESS PROGRAM (and wha ) Download PDF. Share. Related Publications. View. BOOK. MARRIAGE FITNESS Mort Fertel Don't judge or compare. In yo. Download PDF . Marriage Fitness takes discipline just like physical fitness. Marriage / Relationship Wisdom. 2. There are many people writing books, giving seminars, and providing counseling about marriage and relationships.

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Marriage Fitness book. Read 26 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Marriage Fitness is a revolutionary step-by-step system for creati. In this Slideshare, we explore common dilemmas which are faced by married couples today. If your marriage has been going through tough. Marriage Fitness is a marriage improvement program founded in by Mort Fertel. "Love is not a matter of chance" (PDF). Chicago Bride Magazine.

Very inspirational. I suggest reading it with your spouse. Nov 05, Helen rated it it was amazing. This is the most incredible marriage book I've ever read.

It really gets at the heart of creating a wonderful relationship. I'll be reading it over and over. May 09, Jessica rated it it was amazing. This is an amazing book on marriage! View 1 comment. Jul 28, Christen rated it it was ok. I read this book for a discussion group.

I suppose that these techniques would be good for a couple with older children who have family near them. Plus who have a good bit of extra income. Also, I think his advice might work better for extroverts than introverts. I think my husband used to call me a few times a day when we were first married, and I I read this book for a discussion group.

I think my husband used to call me a few times a day when we were first married, and I told him to stop bothering me so that I could get things done. I don't follow the author's advice to always stop what I'm doing when my husband calls, and he prefers it that way. With respct to the author's idea that we should only consult our spouse and not others, it may be appropriate for a spouse to seek input and advice on business stuff generally, but not when your spouse is doing confidential technical stuff or technical stuff the other spouse is not educated in.

So it just doesn't make sense in many contexts. All that being said, there is some advice that merits approval as a general matter. Don't dress or act in ways to attract people to compete with your spouse in an intimate way.

But I think those are self-evident.

Interview with Mort Fertel of Marriage Fitness

Thankfully, this book super short, so it won't take you long to get through this dreck. View 2 comments. Oct 03, Douglas Lord rated it it was amazing. Marriage coach Fertel skillfully inverts the usual solve-the-problem approach and instead asserts that deep, euphoric love will like magic make problems go away.

6 Unconventional Things You Should Do to Save Your Marriage

Instead of finding the right person, Fertel writes that we should build a lasting love with the person we found. Marriage is being there for your spouse in thousands of small ways; some surprisingly sound methods, e. Readers will practically hear Coach Fertel shouting clear, consistent instructions. An excellent choice.

Find reviews of books for men at Books for Dudes, Books for Dudes , the online reader's advisory column for men from Library Journal. Copyright Library Journal. Jun 17, Weavre rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Anyone in a relationship.

Recommended to Weavre by: Various reviewers when I looked for something like this. This wonderful little book is worth its weight in gold The advice in here is strong enough to help a marriage weather a rocky point, but don't wait for that to read it and put its suggestions to use!

It's written as a way to build a strong, incredible partnership in the context of any relationship, and it works--really. And, while it's written for traditional couples, it was pretty simple to adapt while reading and apply it to my own same-sex relationship. In fact, This wonderful little book is worth its weight in gold In fact, it's fairly easy to apply the basic concepts to building better relationships with children and other family members, too.

I wish I could give this book a thousand stars! Jan 26, Aloli rated it it was ok Shelves: I learned more about myself, how to address the things I didn't like about me and how to be a better, more understanding partner for my next relationship.

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I found some perspectives to be too strict and somewhat old fashioned but not in a bad way, every relationship is dynamic and building the right one with your partner comes from good communication- this book shows you the right way to develop good communication habits and how to continue to learn all of who your partner over the years.

Mar 13, Becky rated it it was amazing.

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It's so easy to just ride in a marriage, like it's a bus that I'm taking a journey on; but in reality, successful marriages must be tended daily, more like a garden. There are many stories, lists, exercises, and encouraging examples used by the author to guide towards successful marriage.

I also like that this isn't a huge tome - it's only pages. Jun 01, Stacey rated it really liked it.

This book was a fascinating discussion about the things that can be done to build connection in a marriage. Some of the author's theories are a bit out there such as never touching members of the opposite sex. Aug 24, Megan Titensor rated it liked it.

This was a fast, easy read with some very practical strategies for keeping "love" as the main focus of your marriage. Sounds obvious, but can be more challenging the longer you are with someone.

Marriage Fitness

Another challenge for me right now downloading into the Marriage Fitness philosophy is about affairs. My husband has just, in the past month, started talking about a "friend" who doesn't have a name. That is, he lives about two hours away and everyone else he's met there he's talked about in terms of their name and how he knows them. Just in the past few weeks, I called one night and he was having dinner with "a friend. And then we were talking about his vacation this summer and he has scheduled a second camping trip when he didn't have time to go anywhere with me, during the time that I'm on vacation, with "a friend.

Mort says affairs never last because the one thing he knows about the other woman is that she's willing to get into a relationship with a married man. But marriage counseling is flawedfor one simple reason: It puts the focus on analysis ofthe negative aspects of amarriage, which preventscouples from reconnecting on apositive level!

The Problem With Marriage CounselingInstead of constantly rehashing the problems that youmarriage is suffering from, wouldnt you be better off: By focusing on the reasons that you fell in love withyour spouse in the first place, you will be taking amajor step in reinvigorating your relationship.

All relationships start with a bang. When two people fall in love, its aspontaneous, almost unconsciousexperience. You obviously love allof the good qualities your partnerpossesses, but you also find theiridiosyncrasies amusing. But every relationship has a cycle,and after a few years of marriage,this euphoric stage will end.

Andat that point you may find yourselfasking The answer to this question is not a simple one. Youmay very well recall the excitement of the initialstages of your marriage and dream of finding thathappiness again But heres the key: That hypothetical newrelationship will ultimately go through the samecycle as your current one! Sure, the beginning of the relationship might beexhilarating, but after a few years, youll be in theexact same situation that you find yourself now. And youll once again find yourself asking This is why I believe that the appropriate answer tothis questions is: The key to succeeding in marriage is notfinding the right person.

Its learning to lovethe person you found.

You cant "find" lasting love. You need to make it,day in and day out. Learn to love the person you found, and yourmarriage will succeed. When One Spouse IsDepressedIf your spouse is depressed, you know how devastating itcan be for both of you individually, and for yourmarriage as a whole.If you want your spouse to change, you have to get out of their way!

You have to pay attention. Our babysitter arrives at 7 p. But if you help your spouse pick out an outfit and have fun offering your opinion, you will connect. Communicate it to them. An ancient tradition teaches that two people in love can sleep on the edge of a razor blade.

Rhodes and G. Thus, greater marital satisfaction has been attributed to EI, when other variables such as intelligence and personality have been accounted for Fitness, ; Mayer,

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