Complete Adventurer () - Sharpen Your Survival Skills Taverns are filled Watermarked PDF A player needs only the Player's Handbook. A Guide to Skillful Characters of All Classes. Jesse Decker. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page focused on skills and other game elements that charac- ters of any class can use. It looks at nearly every aspect of the D&D game with skills in mind, and it.

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Complete Adventurer™ serves primarily as a player resource focused on adventuring skills for Textbook Rentals Sell Us Your Books Best Books of the Month site eBooks . Complete Warrior (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying). + . Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App. Index of /public/Site-Dumps/ D&D Books/ .. Verify Hashes Player's Handbook. Core Rulebook I vpdf . M Complete 51M M D&D Fiend 66M D&D

The character's loved ones may become targets of the adventurer IS enemies-harassed, kidnapped, or, tragically, even killed. Characters that find their loved ones in such a situation will be motivated to defend them or seek revenge. Also, characters that fall in love may have to make tough decisions and think long about the consequences of their actions.

Being an adventurer can be tough on any relationship, as characters depart for unseen lands, unsure if they will even return. Sex and 2iuJnor Is that a rod of wonder i Let's face it, sex is funny. There's a reason why we laugh when We hear a dirty joke. A hea1thy portion of most gaming sessions involves laughing at jokes, the foibles of characters, and the hilarious circumstances that players find their characters in..

As stated earlier, letting players joke ''! Rating'' Sex in gOllr game. One of the ways that you can decide how sex is portrayed in your game is to look at it in terms of the ratings applied to movies. By figuring out ahead of time what "rating" your game will have, you can let YOlIT players know how prominent sex is going to be in it. G- This is the level that 1,st fantasy mleplaying games take place at, with. At most, there will only be vague or oblique sexual references.

Nudity is completely absent. Characters who use their charm to' get what they want come across as flirtatious, but nothing more. PG-This type of game deals with more mature subjects, and includes sex, but still without explicit scenes or descriptions. Love, relationships, flirting, and seduction are all fair game, but any sex will occur off stage. R-This "baseline rating" incorporates the rules described in this book.

Nudity and sexual situations are common, although the level of detail may stop at a certain point. NCIn this type of game, nothing is taboo. Sex scenes are described in depth and characters commonly encounter sexual content. Creatures and characters that use sex as their primary motivation or tactic are CUllon, XXX-Sex is thesubject of this campaign. Adventurers spend as much time or more having sex with the people and monsters they encounter as they do battling them.

Sexual scenes are described in detail and characters who are chaste find themselves at a serious disadvantage or at least seriously frustrated while their , companions rut in hedonistic abandon around them, around when dealing with sex should be allowed and encouraged.

Keeping everyone relaxed only enhances the gaming experience and no one feels good when they are told that laughing is not appropriate. On the other hand, if the point of introducing sex into your game is to explore the realm of eroticism, then excessive humor can seem out of place. If a player disrupts an erotic scene with inappropriate humor, remind him about the tone of the game.

If he persists, then perhaps the campaign is not for him and he should wait it out until another, non-sexual game begins. So remember, the whole point of gaming is to have fun As most fantasy roleplaying games deal with moral and ethical dilemmas, the topic of consent and sex may come up. The Book of Erotic Fantasy only deals with consensual sex, in which both partners or all partners agree to the sexual act.

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Just as in real life, no means no. During the course of a ga,me, characters will try to seduce, woo, cajole, or even force themselves on NPCs. If the other character agrees to the act, it is considered consensual, and thus acceptable although there could still be.

If a character says no, and acts accordingly, then it is nconsensual. This sort of behavior is almost always relegated to the actions of evil NPCs, and you, the DM, should be extremely wary about allowing it into your game.

The Book of Erotic Fantasy does not condone non-consensual sex in any manner. Sexual Orientation What is itwHll you and barmaids?

Sexual orientation is one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of many campaigns. This is to be expected, however, as the vast majority of people, both in real life and within a campaign, are heterosexuaL Sexual congress between a male and female is normal, routine, and expected, both socially and biologically. However, as in the real world, there are alternate expressions of sexual preference that exist in a fantasy setting.

Homosexuality is the physical, psychological, or sexual attraction between members of the same gender. A bisexual person has sexual attraction to both genders. Regardless of species or society, a percentage of the 'populace is gay, lesbian, or bisexual, although how it is expressed depends on the social mores, legal issues, and openness of that society.. So, what does it mean to have a character who is gay, bi, or a lesbian? For the most part, nothing.

Sexual orientation has no impact whatsoever on a character's ability scores, fighting prowess, spellcasting, class abilities with the exception of prestige classes that might require a character to be one sexual preference or another , or other mechanics of the garne. A gay character lives, eats, and breathes like anyone else and can be kind, just, cruel, selfish, loving, haughty, or amusing TIns is understandable, as the characters are not only companions, but also spend all their time together, light unspeakable danger, and otherwise stick together through thick and thin.

However, this sort of behavior can have some serious consequences in your game. Characters may get married and have children, or they could fall prey to jealousy, envy, and other dark emotions.

On the plus side, allowing love between player characters provides a wealth of adventure hooks and motivations. In an ideal situation, the characters look out for each other and do their best to keep each other safe. The lovers can become a true team, complementing each other IS strengths and weaknesses more so than mere comrades.

However, just as with any relationship, love has its problems. Players may spend mote time having their characters bicker over issues of the relationship or spend more time worrying about their love than the adventure. In extreme cases, play can get bogged down or sidetracked by the character's problems. Players may spend more time worried about their relationships or getting one another in bed, than focusing onl:he adventure, character may experience are strictly on a social level.

In a society where such lifestyles are accepted, a homosexual has the same legal and social rights as any other person, including the right to legally binding unions. In other places, homosexuality is a crime or at least socially distasteful, with punishment ranging from social snubbing to imprisorunent, and even death.

Some societies may even embrace homosexuality and bisexuality, weaving these expressions of sexuality into their culture to such a degree that no one notices. For example, a large patriarchal society may mandate that young men be sponsored and II tutored II by older, established men. Alternatively, an siteian style matriarchy may exist where women play the dominant role in society and lesbian relationships are the norm, with men used only for procreation. In many games, there are already prebuilt prejudices, mostly along racial lines.

Dwarves, for example, are classically depicted as being the enemies, or at least antagonistic, toward elves. How would a gay dwarf fit into his own society? Would he be shunned, tolerated, or revered as someone special? It should be noted that having a sexual preference outside the societal norm is not the same as promiscuity.

A homosexual character can be chaste, moralistic, prudish, intolerant, or rampant with his or her sexuality, just as a heterosexual person can be.

Also, remember that yOill' fantasy world is not the same as our own. By avoiding or embracing the stereotypes of gays and lesbians as they are seen in the real world, you and your players can create something unique and interesting.

Every person has sexual likes and dislikes, but some push the envelope for what may be considered normal. Fetishes and kinks might be nothing more than a sexual preference for an item that is outside the societal norm. A kink is simply something out of the ordinary thai a charade! Not every sexual act requires the kink, but he definitely enjoys it when it happens.

Kinks have no effect on a character's sexual performance. Someone with a fetish requires the act, item, or situation to achieve sexual enjoyment, For example, a character with a fetish for elves gets no particular enjoyment or even arousal with any other race. In a fantasy world, fetishes and kinks can be astoundingly broad-exotic creatures or sex mixed with magic.

Mru1Y fetishes revolve around materials, such as the look and feel of leather, rubber, 01' metal. In a fantasy world, more unusual substances may turn someone on, such as the pulsing magical feel of mithral, or the cold hardness of scales. Other fetishes involve clothing, such as the macho image of uniforms or armor, or the sensuous nature of female clothing.

In a world where fantasy is the norm, sexual desires may run into the fantastic as well. Prostitution: Sacred and Profane Hey there. Looking for a good time? The oldest profession is thoroughly enmeshed in the visceral, physical world of fantasy roleplaying. In all but the smallest of communities, those who give sexual favors in exchange for money or other compensation exist.

For adventurers with an itch that they can't scratch, going to prostitutes for sex may be a routine part of a game. Prostitution has the main advantage of providing sexual relief for those willing to pay for it.

Book of Erotic Fantasy

A character with no desire for emotional ties may get his entire sexual appetite filled from prostitutes alone.

However, in many societies, particularly lawful communities, prostitution is illegal and considered morally reprehensible.

Someone caught with a prostitute or even pandering one , may be fined, publicly humiliated, or jailed.

In these places, bordellos are secret or semisecret affairs that are commonly found in the seediest portions of town. Regardless of whether prostitution is legal, sexually transmitted diseases are common with prostitutes, which is a prime motivator for lawmakers to make prostitution illegal.

A randy adventurer should strive to protect himself to avoid catching something from one night of passion. Porltof1paphg Have you ever seen the orgtJ frescoes on the temple of Karan Zar?

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Breathtaking, if I might say so myself Pornography, the depiction of men and women engaged in sexual acts, may not seem a natural part of a game. After ail, pornography is a visual or written medium that may be difficult to portray during the course of a typical gaming session. Still, people have been creating pornography as soon as they were able to draw, although they probably didn't consider it as such.

As always, beware the frenzied berserker a common quote from a typical game: "Why won't he DIE?!? The best prestige classes are those that provide flavor without the expense of too little or too much combat power. The mindspy, for instance, is a 5-level prestige class often seen in doppelgangers and mind flayers. Even in a game without psionics, this is a class that works just as well out of combat as it does within a melee.

Necessary Feats.

These range from the desperately needed Improved Toughness feat to tactical feats that give slightly more powerful abilities in very specific circumstances, to style feats that make normally mediocre weapons interesting and viable in combat again. This chapter also includes a handful of combat-oriented spells, particularly new domains for clerics and spells for the hexblade, and a handful of construct-based familiars.

In retrospect, tactical feats probably turned out to be too specific; a feat that you aren't able to use very often isn't really a useful power, even when it provides a great benefit in those rare cases you're able to bring it into play.

Nevertheless, in a game that has characters specializing on different tactics as they rise in power, tactical feats allowed players to build very competent and focused heroes. Style feats were needed for some time, and rationalize the inclusion of relatively ineffective weapons that remain flavorful.

And let's face it, every gladiatorial battle should feature someone with a net and trident; style feats make that a viable choice. Fantasy Warfare. It's aimed towards the stealthy classes, giving rogues and bards the same range of options that the martial, arcane, and divine classes already received.

This books follows the same pattern as the previous three: three new and unique classes, a slew of new prestige classes, a plethora of new feats and spells, and examples of orginations related to the book's themes. Showing Class. The new classes borrow the rogue's focus on skill use, combining it with ki-powered stealthy assassination the ninja , debuffing and arcane spell-related thievery the spellthief , and a more robust martial character class focused on fast movement the scout. All three classes are well constructed and well balanced, filling a niche for players who like skill-heavy characters.

I find the scout particularly interesting, as it's the only character class whose focus on fast movement is directly tied to its effectiveness in combat. Move at least 10 feet each round and get a significent bonus on damage; stay planted in one location and give it up.

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The class is focused primarily on mobility, and in a game where giving up a full attack is usually a bad tactical choice, the scout makes a nimble and maneuverable into a viable option. I'm not sure that any of these three classes made as many waves as the warlock, but all three are fun to play and tactically interesting. Prestige Aplenty. There are some nature-focused classes included that don't particularly seem to fit the book's theme - the animal lord, the beastmaster, and the master of many forms, for instance.

They're interesting classes regardless, and nearly all the prestige classes are both interesting and imaginative. In a campaign where information is more important than gold, for instance, the shadowmind a psionic spy would be a joy to play. Seven prestige classes in this chapter tie into organizations presented later in the book.

Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing depends on how much your campaign uses orginations, of course, but I like the idea of classes being tied to larger groups in the campaign world.

It gives a PC the feeling of being a part of something larger than just themselves, and the details are fairly easy for a DM to customize.The mindspy, for instance, is a 5-level prestige class often seen in doppelgangers and mind flayers. The Book of Erotic Fantasy is a sourcebook that deals with the topics of sex in the world of fantasy roleplaying games, written with the adult player in mind.

The world has changed and it is time for fantasy roleplaying to change and to mature. Knowing that one person's like is another's dislike, we understand that not everything in the book will appeal to every person who reads it.

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Although she politely refuses, the lord is furious at such a breach of social etiquette. Bundles containing this product:. However, in many societies, particularly lawful communities, prostitution is illegal and considered morally reprehensible. Who will be responsible for the child's welfare?

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