Read "Dragon Rider" by Funke Cornelia available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. The Blockbuster #1 New York Times. Drachenreiter by Cornelia Funke, , Scholastic edition, in English. Editorial Reviews. tranarkiptinan.gq Review. It's a fantasy, it's long, and it's got dragons in it. Dragon Dragon Rider - site edition by Cornelia Funke. Download it.

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Editorial Reviews. tranarkiptinan.gq Review. It's a fantasy, it's long, and it's got dragons in it. Dragon site Store · site eBooks · Children's eBooks. Compre Dragon Rider (English Edition) de Cornelia Funke na tranarkiptinan.gq Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos, lançamentos e livros digitais. Brave young dragon Firedrake and his orphan friend Ben start a perilous journey to cover image of Dragon Rider Dragon Rider. by Cornelia Funke. ebook.

The key to its location is a map rendered by a rat who is a master cartographer.

Firedrake is joined on his quest by Ben, an orphaned boy, and Sorrell--a wise-cracking Brownie that is an odd, but ingenious, grumpy kind of fairy. Their journey is not a straightforward one by any means. Created by an alchemist called Petrosius Henbane in , Nettlebrand a malevolent creature covered in impenetrable gold plates is their biggest threat--he is intent on destroying them.

Nettlebrand is aided by Twigleg, a homunculus who has stowed away in Ben's bag and who is feeding reports on their progress back to his master. Their exciting encounters are many It is easy to forgive the narrative's excessive length when readers are gorging on such a wonderfully inventive and readable story from an author who has her readers in the palm of her hand on every page. Accompanied by a feisty Scottish brownie, an orphaned boy who becomes his dragon rider, and a large group of other supporters, Firedrake fulfills an ancient prophecy and safely returns to his ancestral home.

Occasional black-and-white illustrations show many of the book's more exotic characters, a plus for young readers who may not know the folklore from which the creatures are drawn. The omniscient point of view follows each member of this ensemble at length, providing the tale with humor and action but also preventing the main characters from fully developing.

The company survives encounters with a basilisk, a djinni, a roc, and a sea serpent, as well as an ongoing threat from Nettlebrand, a malevolent being intent on destroying them.

Although each of these confrontations is interesting, the sheer number of episodes, the lack of strong central characters, and Nettlebrand's blustering inability to actually hurt anyone make for a story with much less dramatic tension than Funke's outstanding novels, The Thief Lord and Inkheart , both Scholastic. A well-known author will assure the book's popularity, but the overlong plot is forgettable. All rights reserved.

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Chicken House; 1 edition June 6, Publication Date: October 17, Language: English ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: Not Enabled Word Wise: Enabled Lending: Not Enabled Screen Reader: Supported Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled site Best Sellers Rank: Brave young dragon Firedrake and his orphan friend Ben start a perilous journey to the legendary Rim of Heaven.

But close behind is a heartless monster who aches to destroy the very last dragons on earth Read more Read less. Books In This Series 2 Books. Page 1 of 1 Start Over Page 1 of 1. Previous page. Cornelia Funke. Next page. Complete Series.

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Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Dawn of the Clans 2: Thunder Rising. Erin Hunter. Dawn of the Clans 3: The First Battle. Dawn of the Clans 4: Dawn of the Clans 5: A Forest Divided.

Dawn of the Clans 6: Path of Stars. Editorial Reviews site.

Dragon Rider is bound to be another hit book from Cornelia Funke! Ever since the popularity of bestselling fantasies The Thief Lord and Inkheart went global a few years ago, legions of fans have demanded more books from the German author than she can reasonably hope to write each year.

So, re-discovering this hefty, earlier novel from was a logical development--and her keenest readers will devour it as before.

Age 9 and over -- John McLay.

Grade —Young Firedrake is the only dragon to heed a warning from his colony's senior resident: See all Editorial Reviews. Product details File Size: Not Enabled. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Children's Books.

Book Series. Is this feature helpful? Thank you for your feedback. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Customer images. See all customer images. Read reviews that mention dragon rider rim of heaven cornelia funke thief lord along the way brendan fraser harry potter named ben find the rim audio version boy named lord and inkheart main characters human boy magical creatures highly recommend character development young readers read aloud golden dragon.

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The Dragonrider Series by Steven J Pemberton

My 12 year old 7th grader is an avid reader. Here is her review: Then their friend, Rat, warns them all: The oldest dragon, Slatebeard, tells all the dragons that the only safe place to go is the Rim of Heaven While hiding in a city to get a map from one of Rat's relatives, a boy named Ben finds them. After Ben helps Firedrake and Sorrel, they decide to take the boy with them.

But, Sorrel didn't truly understand how to read the map, so they end up in an area marked to be bad. Sorrel reassures them that it will be fine, but in a nearby castle, a great evil has been told of a silver dragon on the mountain -- and the evil one is none other than Nettlebrand, the dragon hunter, the monstrous 'Golden One. Or will they lead Nettlebrand to hunt the pack? Find out in this great book! This was an awesome, fast-paced adventure novel that kept me page-turning and guessing as to what would happen next!

It had me cheering on the characters, worried for them, and totally invested in the story.

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She started down the winding dirt road that led through the juniper and oleander, but paused when one of the dragons veered inland. It seemed to be coming straight at her. As someone trained to use magic, he would know more about dragons—and how to avoid them—than she did.

Using her staff to navigate the uneven terrain, Taylina stepped into the shadow of a stray olive tree that had grown up far from the cultivated groves in the flatter land above the town. The dragon, its magnificent form visible even through the branches, soared in their direction. Even from a distance, its sheer size and the power of those wing beats inspired awe—and terror. It might be coming after you.

Its massive jaws opened, and fire blasted from its throat. Unlike most of the stone buildings in town, the house was made from wood, and it burst into flame as if it had been doused in alcohol first. A scream erupted. Again, she felt the urge to race down there and confront the intruders, to drive them away and protect her family and friends.

But what could she do? Limp ferociously at them and beat them with her staff?

Maybe nobody thought to warn us. The dragon had landed. In the center of the dirt road, less than a quarter mile down the hill, it lowered its body to the ground, and three of the four riders slid off.

Dragon Rider

Fierce-looking, shaven-headed men with maces, bows, and swords, they immediately strode up the road. The dragon leaped into the air, banking back toward the town, or perhaps the harbor where longboats full of Cofah troops were being rowed toward the docks.

Two of the soldiers striding up the road carried empty canvas bags over their shoulders. Was the capital, way over on the western side of Iskandoth, embroiled in fighting? Or had it already fallen? Numbness had crept over her entire body. The soldiers paused, lifting their bows toward the side of the road to their right.

A handful of townspeople were running up the slope, no doubt trying to escape. The scrubby brush only partially hid them, and the soldiers were able to target them. Raff cursed.

Tay, get up the slope, up to the grove and beyond. Hide up there.

He slipped away from the olive tree, ducking into the brush alongside the road, soon disappearing as he worked his way down the hill.

Taylina took a step after him, but her heel came down on a rock, and she slipped, an awkward jolt running up her leg to her hip. Pain throbbed deep in the joint. A startled shout came from somewhere behind her. She hoped it was Raff using his power to hurl those men all the way back into the ocean. Unfortunately, she knew that was unlikely, since he was, as he had said, a tool-making specialist and not an elemental mage, but maybe he could come up with something.

She started to walk past the tool shop, intending to continue up the hill toward the olive groves, but she hesitated, her gaze drawn to the front door Raff had left wide open. As if in invitation to the Cofah. Hoping that meant she had a little time—or that Raff was downloading time—she veered toward the door. She only took small items and ones she believed extra valuable because of their traits, stuffing them into a bag much as the Cofah had planned to do.

Others, she moved to a storage vault under the floor tiles in the back. A sorcerer would have no trouble sensing their power and finding them. She hoped none of those men had such talents. She limped back toward the front door, but halted abruptly. There was no sign of Raff. She ducked into the shadows behind a worktable. Had the men seen her? She hoped not. She opened it, smoky air flowing inside, and crawled out. She had barely landed on the ground when the thud of the front door hitting the wall sounded behind her.

Taylina crawled away on her hands and knees, tears pricking her eyes at the sounds of destruction in the shop where she had spent the last two years working, in the shop that her father had helped her build when it first became clear that they needed to assist in the war effort, to help Iskandoth stay free.

As she crested the top of the hill, the olive groves spreading out before her, her eyes had even more reason to tear up. A dragon and rider flew over the trees, raining fire down onto the branches, destroying everything.

She paused beside a boulder, hiding from the sky and also looking back behind her. More of the town was burning or destroyed now, and those boats full of soldiers had reached the docks. Who were trying to fight back. Gray plumes of smoke came from a familiar spot halfway up the hill, the tool shop. The bastards had lit it on fire.Report as inappropriate. See all reviews. The emerald lost its glow as Raff lost his concentration, turning toward the front window.

A well-known author will assure the book's popularity, but the overlong plot is forgettable. She limped back toward the front door, but halted abruptly. See all customer images.

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