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advertisements in all nine magazines contained English in different parts of the made Brazilian through the nativization of a variety of linguistic properties. Explores the globalization strategies of Natura, Brazil's largest cosmetics Natura: Global Beauty Made in Brazil, Spanish Version SPDF-SPA. Industry. Furthermore, was a year where we only made one new investment. .. Founded in , Guiabolso is based in São Paulo, Brazil.

When Tibetan Buddhism arrived in Germany, the Buddhist refuge ceremony was given immediately to people attending ceremonies. However, a decade later, initiations are only offered after a thorough preparation. Such is the case of Brazilian Zen Buddhism. Until the s, traditional Japanese monks gave ordination to Japanese descendants without any process or preparation.

However, after arriving from Japan, abbess Koen started to carry out rituals more formally and strictly, establishing a two-year preparation course prior to lay ordination.

This generates a tension with the tradition from which the religion developed. Many innovations took place in the United States and Germany. Feminism determined a new status for women in Buddhism.

Another example is the democratic organization of Zen centers instead of strict hierarchy. In Brazil, the tension between Japanese Buddhism and Brazilian Buddhism marks the innovations that are occurring. Such innovations are mainly being imported from the Western discourse on Zen. The appropriation and construction of Zen that took place in many Western countries had a similar departing point.

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For these authors, Zen, as the very essence of the Japanese Spirit, would denote the cultural superiority of Japan. Moreover, because it is experiential and not a religion, Zen was able to survive the enlightenment trends of the West and was viewed as rational and empirical. However, they were 48 Research Article appropriated, indigenized, and hybridized locally. In fact, all of the people interviewed noted that their first contact with Zen was through books.

For example, English is more accessible to Brazilians than Japanese. In fact, most of the books on Zen now available in Portuguese were originally written in English. Moreover, due to the fact that these practitioners come from the intellectual upper-middle class and the vast majority are degreed liberal professionals, many of them can read the books in English before they are translated.

Some download books about Zen via the Internet from site www. Some practitioners even choose to travel to Zen centers abroad. The urban Brazilian upper-middle class seeks Zen Buddhism because it appeals intellectually to them as a philosophy of life. Their main concerns are, among others, relieving stress and acquiring inner peace, turning this symbolic field into a miscellany of religion and leisure. Zen meditation worked either in place of psychotherapy or in conjunction with it.

Thus, each practitioner constructs his or her religion as a unique praxis that is different from all the others, mixing various traditions in order to build a new contemporary spirituality. The Western construct of Zen, which was appropriated, hybridized and indigenized in Brazil, is still a new phenomenon that needs to be further studied.

This article is intended to be a first outline of the main trends of this phenomenon. For these Brazilians of non-Japanese origin, the main practice of Zen Buddhism involves meditation zazen and retreats sesshin.

Zen Buddhism is seen more as a philosophy than a religion.


As such, Zen as practiced in Brazil is directly related to the Western construct of Zen. Interestingly, in these retreats, children of both Japanese origin and of non-Japanese origin learn zazen and Buddhist concepts through drama sketches, drawing, and games. Although their parents have separate practices, the children are already sharing the same body of ideas about what Zen Buddhism is.

Since , Busshinji has also been innovating through its work with prisoners teaching them zazen and also giving computer classes and AIDS patients. In addition, different Buddhist schools in Brazil are getting together in Cyberspace. Many Buddhist centers are linked together by means of websites. There are three ecumenical discussion forums and two mailing lists on the Internet produced in Brazil for Brazilian practitioners. In the printed medium, most of the Buddhist centers have a newsletter in which they communicate their schedule of activities, publish book reviews, and advertise books and products on practice.

There are also four Buddhist magazines published quarterly in Brazil. The phenomenon of Buddhism is still very recent in Brazil.

It has evolved much faster in the last decade than in the previous ones. Although much of what has been done was mirrored in the experiences of Buddhism in the United States and Europe, some of its Brazilian characteristics are already clear. Although incipient at this stage of formation, we are able to observe the merging of Buddhist teachings and rituals with non-Buddhist practices and concepts. Many practitioners had and still have a Roman Catholic background and migrated to African cults and Spiritism before finding Buddhism.

A bricolage is evolving that, in due course, might create a Brazilian Zen and Brazilian Buddhism, innovatively combining the local and the global in a regionalized form of Buddhism. NOTES 1. Lesser, , p. Maeyama, , p. Lesser, , pp. Clarke, , p. Queiroz and Edusp, Religion in an Age of Globalization, University of Sydney, Return to text Saito and T.

Featherstone, S. Lash, and R.

Robertson London: Sage, , p. Baumann, , p. Ibid, p. Ibid, Fetherstone, S. Lash and R. Robertson London: Sage, , pp.

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Interview Magazine:Veja was first published on 11 September , [1] [8] and was subject to censorship by the Brazilian military dictatorship from to You worked on a farm when you were a youngster — what kind of tasks did you have to do?

His explanation?

made in brazil magazine pdf

In June of , important Brazilian magazines published three articles on the expansion of Buddhism and meditation in Brazil and its famous adherents television stars, politicians, etc. Furthermore, there are also intentional ambiguities that are part of a strategy to make the foreign religion less exotic to the host culture, and by doing so, reduce conflicts.

According to Folha de S.

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