Now it's dead simple to distribute Storybook to your team's mobile devices. It has everything you need to run Storybook as an app without. Storybook addon to change the viewport size to mobile. Hi, I love storybook and it is really helping me creating a React component library of React components using Bulma CSS framework. I updated to storybook v4 and the layout on mobile has a font that ia too small, it seema to be not responsive, any hint? But without setting device.

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It would be great if we could view the storybook UI on a mobile device, especially when building mobile apps. At the moment the UI is missing. Storybook is an open source tool for developing UI components in isolation for React, Vue, and Angular. It makes building stunning UIs organized and efficient. See how thousands of teams around the world use Storybook to build production UIs faster.

With this addon, you can showcase multiple components or varying component states within 1 story. Break your stories down into smaller categories chapters and subcategories sections for more organizational goodness.

Bozeman Library

Given possible values for each prop, renders your component with all combinations of prop values. Useful for finding edge cases or just seeing all component states at once.

Wraps your story into MuiThemeProvider. It allows you to add your custom themes, switch between them, make changes in the visual editor and download as JSON file.

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With this addon, you can test your storybooks with a different text-direction. This addon shows a preview of the JSX code for each story.

It allows you to configure the display and copy the code with a single click. With this addon you will have an additional panel at the bottom which provides you buttons to switch the locale and directly see the result in the preview. This addon lets you navigate different versions of static Storybook builds.

As such you can see how a component has changed over time. Save the screenshot image of your stories. Manage state inside a story.

Update components when this state changes. Wrap the story in a function call to setup state management. The story can modify state properties with the provided store.

The addon provides a panel to view and reset state.

Display code and copy it to the clipboard. It also has options to customize colors and syntax highlighting for any language. Use cases. Testing Introduction: Basics Guides Configurations Testing Addons.

Addon Gallery Edit this page This is a list of available addons for Storybook.

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Copy link Quote reply. Mobile layout for storybook version 4 Hi, I love storybook and it is really helping me creating a React component library of React components using Bulma CSS framework.

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Steps to reproduce Just deploy a storybook v4 and look it on a mobile device, or see this storybook: Who to contact https: This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. It would be also nice to have the navigator on mobile to be closed after click on a menu entry.

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Frustrated, she resolved to do something about it. Adopt incrementally.

Released as 4. Mock hard to reach use cases. It makes building stunning UIs organized and efficient.

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