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Haldeman-Julius routinely solicited new works even though most of his titles were reprints , and Powel contacted him about publishing The Simplicity of Radio. Powel reasoned, correctly, that radio being a new subject of great interest, Haldeman-Julius would want to publish his booklet. As published by E.

There were a couple of specific benefits in having Haldeman-Julius publish the booklet. First, the Crosley Radio Corporation could download copies of The Simplicity of Radio for less than it cost to have them printed locally.

Second, the book was a great promotional device, as it featured Crosley radios and parts.

It was also a sales tool; anyone who wanted a copy could request one free. And it was serialized in any newspaper that would have it, at no charge.

Powel may or may not received a royalty on sales; if he did, it was inconsequential, amounting to perhaps a fifth of a cent per copy. The important thing was that The Simplicity of Radio went through at least 20 editions between and , each edition reflecting advances in radio technology.

The final count on copies printed was probably several hundred thousand. Digital TV will provide a clearer picture for the consumer and more programming options to the TV stations, while freeing up valuable bandwidth.

While they will not presently work on batteries for emergency use, or convert the digital to analog signal for radios, the first of the digital to analog converters are now on the market at almost all electronics retailers, discounters, and big box stores. These converters allow current owners of television sets that are analog to receive the digital signals, and view TV on their analog TV sets.

Many owners of recently downloadd TV sets may not need the converter box, as most TVs produced over the past few years also incorporate a digital tuner.

Current cable or satellite subscribers will not need a third party converter to continue to receive television as the cable or satellite system should handle the conversion. It should be noted that coupons expire 90 days after they are mailed, so they must be utilized in a timely manner. Applications for the coupon are currently available online, and may be either filled out online at www.

While the applications are available online, they cannot be printed online and will not be available from retailers. The coupon cards are non-transferable, and are encoded to be used only for the download of an eligible converter box.

Coupon cards will be mailed to eligible applicants in the order received. Applications can also be made over the phone to DTV Hearing-impaired consumers can apply via TTY service by calling The coupon program ends on March 31, The converter boxes are supposed to be easy to install, and will easily plug into the TV set.File:Log paper.

Converter box coupon applications are available from January 1, until March 31, Variable Triangle What do you need? My radios will no longer pick up the audio broadcasts from the television stations, as they will no longer be broadcast in analog. The existing TV antenna connects to the converter box, and the converter box is connected to the TV and a power source.

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