You do not need to charge the battery for a specific length of time, and you can use the device while it charges. If the battery is completely without charge, it may . View and Download Nokia user manual online. User Guide. Cell Phone pdf manual download. Also for: fold. View and Download Nokia user manual online. Nokia Cell Phone User Guide. Cell Phone pdf manual download.

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DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY. Hereby, NOKIA CORPORATION declares that this RM/RM product is in compliance with the essential requirements. times for their chosen books like this nokia a manual, but end up in malicious downloads. NOKIA C USER MANUAL Pdf Download. 3 Nokia, RM Cell Phone pdf manual download. Also for: Rm,. fold. - Tue, 29 Jan GMT NOKIA USER MANUAL Pdf Download.

These files are stored in the device memory, and may be arranged in folders. Your device supports an activation key system to protect acquired content. Other transfer methods may not transfer the activation keys which need to be restored with the content for you to be able to continue the use of OMA DRM-protected content after the device memory is formatted.

Scroll to an application, and select Open. Application options Update version — Check if a new version of the application is available for download from web2go network service Web page — Listen to music at a moderate level.

Continuous exposure to high volume may damage your hearing. Do not hold the device near your ear when the loudspeaker is in use, because the volume may be extremely loud. When you record a call, hold the device in the normal position near to your ear. The current day is indicated by a frame. If there are any notes set for the day, the day is in bold type, and the beginning of the note is displayed below the calendar.

Page 31 To view a note, scroll to it, and select View. While viewing a note, you can select an option to edit the attributes. You can select an option to delete the selected note and delete all the notes that you have marked as done. Help H e l p If the alarm time is reached when the device is in the standby mode, the device sounds a tone and flashes the note text if it is set or Countdown completed.

To stop the alarm press any key. If no key is pressed, the alarm automatically stops within 60 seconds. Names and numbers are saved in the used memory. Page 35 S e t t i n g s Customize — Customize the profile.

Select the setting you want to change, and make the changes. Timed — Set the profile to be active until a certain time, up to 24 hours, and set the end time. Date And Time S e t t i n g s Notification details — Display contact information in missed calls and messages received. Fold animation— Choose whether an animation is shown when opening and closing the fold.

Font size — Set the font size for messaging, contacts and web pages. Operator logo — Navigation Key Bluetooth wireless technology This device is compliant with Bluetooth Specification 2. To ensure interoperability between other devices supporting Bluetooth technology, use Nokia approved enhancements for this model. Check with the manufacturers of other devices to determine their compatibility with this device.

When activating Bluetooth technology for the first time, you are asked to give a name for the device. If you have set the settings both on your PC and on your device, the PC settings are used. Call forwarding — Forward your incoming calls network service.

You may not be able to forward your calls if some call restriction functions are active.

Page 41 S e t t i n g s Automatic keyguard — Set the keypad of your device to lock automatically after a preset time delay when the device is in the standby mode and no function of the device has been used.

Select On, and set the time. Security keyguard — The icon is shown when the T-coil hearing aid mode is active. Page 43 S e t t i n g s parameters differ according to the selected service type. For more information, and to download Nokia PC Suite, visit www. Battery And Charger Information Your device is powered by a rechargeable battery.

The battery intended for use with this device is BL-4CT. Nokia may make additional battery models available for this device. This device is intended for use when supplied with power from the following chargers: Page 46 B a t t e r y a n d c h a r g e r i n f o r m a t i o n it may take several minutes before the charging indicator appears on the display or before any calls can be made.

To help ensure that you are getting an original Nokia battery, download it from a Nokia authorized service Taking Care Of Your Device T a k i n g c a r e o f y o u r d e v i c e Taking care of your device Your device is a product of superior design and craftsmanship and should be treated with care.

Do not dispose of these products as unsorted municipal waste. For more environmental information, see the product Eco-Declarations at www. Follow the separation distance instructions until the transmission is completed. This device operates using radio signals, wireless networks, landline networks, and user-programmed functions. If your device supports voice calls over the internet internet calls , activate both the internet calls and the cellular device.

Page 53 Additional SAR information may be provided under product information at www. Your mobile device is also designed to meet the requirements for exposure to radio waves established by the Federal Communications Commission USA and Industry Canada. Page 55 help 32 names 32 navigation 15 navigation key 37 notes 31 internet 18 notes, calendar 30 keyguard 13 organizer 29 keypad lock 13 keys 12 packet data 39 parts 12 listening to music 28 PC connectivity 44 log 17 PC Suite 44 phone memory SIM Page 56 I n d e x security stopwatch 32 settings 43 services 18 set profiles 34 text 15 settings text messages 22 accessories 41 themes 35 call 40 time settings 36 camera 17 timer 31 clock 36 to-do list 30 configuration 42 tones 35 connectivity 37 date Comments to this Manuals Your Name: Enter text from picture: Latest comments: Print page 1 Print document 56 pages.

Accessories This menu and its various options are shown only if the phone is or has been connected to a compatible mobile accessory. Select an accessory, and an option depending on the accessory. Configuration You can configure your phone with settings that are required for certain services.

Your service provider may also send you these settings Nokia. Default configu- ration settings to view the service providers saved in the phone and set a default service provider Activate default in all applications to activate the default configuration settings for supported applications Preferred access point to view the saved access points Device manager settings to allow or prevent the phone from receiving software updates.

This option may not be available, depending on your phone. Personal configu- ration settings to manually add new personal accounts for various services and to activate or delete them. Select the service type, and enter the required parameters.

Restore settings only to reset all preference settings without deleting any personal data Restore all to reset all preference settings and delete all personal data, such as contacts, messages, media files and activation keys Operator menu Access a portal to services provided by your network operator.

For more information, contact your network operator. The operator can update this menu with a service message.

Gallery Your phone supports a digital rights management DRM system to protect acquired content. Always check the delivery terms of any content and activation key before acquiring them, as they may be subject to a fee.

Digital rights management Content owners may use different types of digital rights management DRM technologies to protect their intellectual property, including copyrights.

Revocation may also prevent renewal of such DRMprotected content already in your device. Revocation of such DRM software does not affect the use of content protected with other types of DRM or the use of non-drmprotected content. Digital rights management DRM protected content comes with an associated activation key that defines your rights to use the content. Other transfer methods may not transfer the activation keys which need to be restored with the content for you to be Nokia.

You may also need to restore the activation keys in case the files on your device get corrupted. Media Camera and video Your device supports an image capture resolution of x pixels. Zoom in or out Scroll up or down. Capture an image Select Capture.

User Guide Nokia 2720

To activate the self-timer, or to capture images in a fast sequence, select Options and the desired option. Start recording a video clip Select Record. When recording, lower quality video can be recorded for a greater length of time.

Switch between camera and video mode In camera or video mode, scroll left or right. FM radio The FM radio depends on an antenna other than the wireless device antenna.

A compatible headset or accessory needs to be attached to the device for the FM radio to function properly. Search for a neighboring station Press and hold the scroll key to the left or right. Switch between saved stations Scroll up or down to switch between stations, or press the corresponding Nokia. Adjust the volume Use the volume keys. Leave the radio playing in the background Press the end key. Close the radio Press and hold the end key.

Start or pause playing Press the scroll key. Skip to the beginning of the current song Scroll left. Skip to the previous song Scroll left twice. Skip to the next song Scroll right. Rewind the current song Press and hold the scroll key to the left.

Fast-forward the current song Press and hold the scroll key to the right. Mute or unmute the music player Press. Leave the music player playing in the background Press the call key. Close the music player Press and hold the end key.

Applications Your phone software may include some games and Java applications specially designed for this Nokia phone. Open a game or application Select Games or Collection.

Scroll to a game or application, and select Open Nokia. Your phone supports J2ME Java applications.

Ensure that the application is compatible with your phone before downloading it. Only install and use applications and other software from trusted sources, such as applications that are Symbian Signed or have passed the Java Verified testing.

Downloaded applications may be saved in Gallery instead of Applications. Activate or deactivate an alarm Select Alarm:. Set the time for the alarm Select Alarm time:. Set the phone to alert you on selected days of the week Select Repeat:. Personalize the alarm tone Select Alarm tone:. Set the time-out period for the snooze alert Select Snooze timeout:. Stop the alarm Select Stop.

If you let the phone continue to sound the alarm for a minute or select Snooze, the alarm stops for the snooze time-out period, then resumes. The current day is framed. If there are any notes set for the day, the day is in bold. View the details of a note Scroll to a note, and select View.

Nokia 2720 Manual Network Selection

The to-do list is displayed and sorted by priority. To add, delete, or send a note, to mark the note as done, or to sort the todo list by deadline, select Options. Web or Internet You can access various internet services with your phone browser. The appearance of the web pages may vary due to screen Nokia. REL 6. UM Produit: Externe Soc.

Installation Instructions Cat. Rotate keyswitch 1 on terminal base unit 2 clockwise to position 8 as required for this type of module. Smile Mobile Dashboard 1. Magento Extension The iphone and Android applications require access to data from your Magento store.

This data is provided through an extension, available on Magento Connect. Avant de commencer 1 2. Select Install the software automatically. Choose your language: Lenovo S Quick Start Guide v1. Learning more Getting support Electronic emission notices To learn more information about. Disponible avec 2 ports USB.

Nokia, Nokia Connecting People, and Navi are trademarks or registered. Remote 2. Charging cradle 3.

USB cable 4. AC Adapter 4. It is used for adding tokens to a Net2 system and also for identifying lost cards. Reproduction, transfer, distribution,. Charge the Memory Saver before first use. The Memory Saver. Nokia User Guide Remarque: Nokia, Nokia Connecting. Vous venez d télécharger un kit de connexion Urban Factory pour Microsoft Surface, et nous vous.

English Before installing an I. Device, we need to. With your USB Stick, you can access a wireless network at high speed.

Navigation menu

This manual describes the appearance of the USB Stick, as well as the. Fujitsu America, Inc. SF01 du 4 au 8 janvier When you want to download lottery products or play. This Tracker, along with. Avant de commencer Attach the 3G antenna to the port marked Main [These should be screwed in a clockwise direction.

Insert your SIM card until. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday; 6: The Lap Chill Mat features. Sharing Creative. Elle combine. Please find attached a revised amendment letter, extending the contract until 31 st December I look forward to receiving two signed copies of this letter.

Read the instructions before using the product. Professor M. Alvo This is an open book exam. Standard calculators are permitted.

User guide & Getting started: Nokia 2720

Answer all questions. Spanish translation follows page 60 of the English guide.

French translation follows page of the Spanish. With your USB modem, you can access a wireless network at high speed. This manual describes the appearance of the USB modem, as well as.

Recycle packaging and user guides at your local recycling scheme. Page Product And Safety Information Warning: Use only batteries, chargers, and accessories approved by Nokia for use with this particular model. The use of any other types may invalidate any approval or guarantee, and may be dangerous.

In particular, use of unapproved chargers or batteries may present a risk of fire, explosion, leakage, or other hazard. Page 29 Successful completion of the steps is not a total assurance of the authenticity of the battery. If you cannot confirm authenticity or if you have any reason to believe that your Nokia battery with the hologram on the label is not an authentic Nokia battery, you should refrain from using it, and take it to the nearest Nokia authorized service center or dealer for assistance.

Page 30 Always return your used electronic products, batteries, and packaging materials to dedicated collection points. This way you help prevent uncontrolled waste disposal and promote the recycling of materials. Check product environmental information and how to recycle your Nokia products at www.

Additional safety information The surface of this device is nickel-free. Page 31 Product and safety information telecoil setting activated to determine whether your audio performance improves.Other transfer methods may not transfer the activation keys which need to be restored with the content for you to be Nokia. Your service provider can explain what charges will apply. Settings Profiles Your phone has various setting groups called profiles, which you can customize with ringing tones for different events and environments.

For details, see the Nokia PC Suite documentation. Answer all questions. Do not connect products that create an output signal as this may cause damage to the device. Always check the delivery terms of any content and activation key before acquiring them, as they may be subject to a fee.

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