To install, insert the. Silent Hunter III DVD and wait for the launch screen to appear. Click Install and follow the instructions as they appear. If you have auto- run. Silent Hunter III Community Manual Silent Hunter III. Not all of the Shortcut keys are mentioned in the game manual. Table of contents [hide]. SimHQ's Naval Combat Zone Editor asked the Silent Hunter IIIDevelopment Team Silent Hunter III break from this tradition and if so what can the player expect to see, . accurate —manual targeting“ mode in any W W 2 sub sim to date.

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Where can I find the Silent Hunter 3 PC manual? You can download a copy of the manual HERE. Note: You will need to have Adobe Reader installed to view. The following are stock Silent Hunter III issues the GWX Team is unable to Preventive Medicine, For the 10th anniversary of SH3 we are glad to present "Living Silent Hunter to ,» See the ultimative LSH3 Manual (PDF, german only, state V) .

U-Boat Weapons Enemy Anti Sub Weapons of the destroyers The Boat Itself Understanding Bearings U-boat Equipment U-boat Equipment Stations U-Boat Tactics U-Boat Tactics Hints and Tips SH3 Video tutorial examples SH3 Video tutorial examples You patrol grid locations and sink the enemy as well as dodge the enemy from sinking you. You have war start till war's end. If you make it to the end, well, you basically survived the war.

All renown and high honors will no longer have any bearing so there is no glorification. After all, Your on the side that lost the war right? You have the type 2, type 7, and the type 9. The type 21 is also available, but if you want to go by the history about it, there were only 2 available and they were just proto types use on some missions for testing reasons.

But its full potential was never seen because, the war ended. How ever it doesn't stop you from using it in the game as a "in service boat" Now during my own research shows a conflict what the deck guns were used for. One side says " never really used and found more so useless" another says "to finish off a ship that failed to sink by torpedo" and the last one said "first choice at any chance on a clear day to save torpedoes until they become really needed.

The surface enemy of the U-boat was not so much a destroyer, but the air plane. They drop right out of the clouds with load outs of min bombs, depth charges, and a hail of bullets. The anti-aircraft guns on board is what you need to help you stop them, or get them off your back! It is a very devastating weapon. You can launch on the surface or below the surface.

Why I say like a small mine, because like a mine it blows the hull wide open, in reality that is Understanding on how to use the boat to your advantage may make the difference if you can play out or restart were you left off. When it explodes, it also hydro shocks the area, this would in turn hit the U-boat, causing ruptures with in it. The closer, the more effective it was. Since the U-boats were more U and less boat making them stronger in WWII, depth charges became more of a shock and aw weapon causing U-boat Captains to surface.

One of the Captains of the U so far is the only navel personal in history to suffer "shell shock" from prolong depth charging Originally it is a anti-mine weapon used by the British military to clear German mines. It fires each one in a manner to create a giant ring. They were more effective, un-like the depth charge it would drop and when it made contact to the U-boat, it would blow it open without question. The navy didn't have to guess was it a hit like they did for depth charges, if a hedge hog blow up, it was a no doubt hit and destroy.

If it makes contact with any ship, it would blow it open. Avoid it A war vessel making it possible to go were war ships can not, or can be attacked. At war start the British set up a blockade near the opening to the Arctic Ocean and stretched it to Iceland. This made it difficult for German war ships to get into the Atlantic Ocean to gain access to the main shipping lanes.

But the use of the U-boats made it possible for the shipping war to touch off because the U-boat was low to the water making it hard to spot and could dive, making it possible to travel under water to slip past the blockade. Since it could be submerge, and had the use of torpedoes, convoys could be sunk and no way of knowing were the U-boat that sunk it was at.

This is a small Coastal Patrol Vessel. It has a limited range and only enough torpedoes to do what it can. Its working depth is also limited.

In the game, trying to use limited options you will find it practically impossible, Since the grid charts you get, take you beyond the real range the boat was even designed for. It was well known for use in the Wolf packs against the convoys. What made the type 7 so good is that it is a balance of the type 2 and type 9.

Some of the grid charts for this boat may take you as far as the US. Problem is, this was never a ocean going U-boat. It was never ranged to take that kind of distance.

So once again using the limited options may not work out that well. This was a ocean going U-boat that did its fair share just as the type 7 in the war.

It was also used to get spies into Canada and the USA. One of its famous locations of interest was torpedo alley, and also as far as the Florida keys to all the way to Brazil.

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The grid charts are not that far different than the others, and at times using the limited options tend to prove pointless at times, doesn't seem like the boat can do the range it was intended to do. Was faster submerged than any U-boat made and could go longer under water by its batteries. Instead of 4 tubes it used 6.

With a large complement storage internal held more than the type 9 and could go farther. One of its missions went as far as the Caribbean Islands region. But the war ended before it could be produced as a "In service" U-boat among the 7s and 9s.

Game wise the charts are not much and there are some issues with the boat by default, Really you will not get enough renown to even be able to get it. The war usually ends before then, how ever it is there never the less. That is completely up to you. Most players already have decided what U-boat is best for them.

No matter the 2, 7, or 9, even the I personally like the type 9. I am a Type 9 kind of guy Bearings are the numbers in degrees.

For example, your bragging to your friends about how you can do a in your car. What is a ? You already know this, a half circle turn that points in the opposite direction. Starting from 0 as the front going clock wise around to and around again to to 0 again. So if your looking through the binoculars, periscope, or the UZO, you will see a number graph that moves up or down in numbers as you pan around.

Those are the bearing numbers laid out as degrees. So if your watch officer says "ship spotted at bearing 45" then you already know to start looking off to the right someplace off the bow front between 30 and It is very important to know this, what ever view station your at. It is so easy to say "it is not that important" until the watch officer Is screaming about a destroyer at bearing rolling in at 20knots.

And your looking around so fast you missed it. It is so easy to pan the full quick. And that would be a bad time to be missing a ship like that. Even though a ship could ID through Binoculars by spotting the flag, the game by default dose not have that kind of binoculars for you. The ship would have to be close enough for you to see the flag and by that time, even you get spotted by the ship trying to ID it, and that would be too late.

How ever you can use it to spot smoke on the horizon. You can also get your cross hairs on a ship, and order the main deck gun to fire at your target. Place the cross hairs over the ship and hit the short cut key "space bar".

It is mounted so it stays stationary making targeting a ship more efficient were using regular binoculars your holding them and moving back and forth and right and left against the boat movement in the water.

It is used for surface firing, mainly at the cover of night. But game wise, pending the conditions it works, other times you get spotted and the hit is up. In the game you can lock on to your targets and fire the torpedoes. There is also a data pad and ID manual available for advanced users.

I myself is not too good with it, by the time I set it up, I have lost the target and have to re-do it again. So I let the weapons officer handle that.

How ever it dose display the ship type, speed and range distance from you. Very important to know if your firing on a destroyer or a merchant ship. If the target is traveling at 12knots or better, most likely your going to miss and waste the torpedo.

If its traveling at 11knots or slower, you will most likely hit the target. If the target is at 5knots, the probability is completely in your favor more so. The attack gives you more a precise view of the target. And a better magnification. Torpedo controls are found here. The observation give you a more full view and can be directed completely upward towards the sky.

The real one was suppose to be used for checking the surrounding area for destroyers and sky for planes to make sure it was safe to surface. Torpedo controls are also here and also the data pad and ID manual. The large dial gage shows the bearing numbers from the front of the boat to rear. See Bearing. You can move the needle around to determine were from your position a ship maybe coming to, from, or passing you.

If you here a choppy noise and the needle is pointing to degrees, and the choppy noise is getting louder, then it is aft just left of your position and getting closer. It only works when submerged, and for the best results call up a all stop.

Mainly if you suspect a ship some place not too far, and not loud enough to hear over the U-boats propulsion. Has to be manned by one of the crew, but you can also use it if you have to.

True it may prove to be pointless, how ever if there is a update on a convoy you can only receive that message when the station is manned by one of the crew. And if you run out of torpedoes because you engaged a convoy before your patrol grid, here you can send in a patrol report and get a reply telling you to return to base. Each gage has two different views triggered by the button below them.

The speed control and rudder control gages have a basic and advance controls, the depth has common shallow and deep depth controls. If you have the understanding for RPMs you would use the advance view. If you have the understanding of you location between North, south, east and west, you would use the advanced view.

What I mean is according to the gage your facing south, you want to turn towards the north, the you click on it till your headed that way on the compass. Some players guide their turn by the Chronometer used for torpedoes to help regulate their turn. Or if you want a direct result, you would use the rudder view to determine how hard of a turn you want. The shallow gage is rated to 25meters and the deep depth gage is rated to meters.

This is important because if your in water less than 25 meter you need the shallow gage to regulate a proper depth without hitting the bottom. The deep depth gage is good to regulate how deep your diving from a enemy contact. Always check with your navigation officer for the depth you have to work with. Nothing blows more than calling up a crash dive not knowing your only in 30meters of water.

A crash dive takes you to 70meters by default. You will hit the bottom. And the game U-boats are not made to reflect the real ones as in strength. So once you hit the bottom, and its the bubble pop syndrome for you. Game over Now I can't really explain in detail about this because I am no good with it.

By the time I set it all up, I discover I have to do it all over again because the target has moved on. So I let the weapons officer handle it. Really you have to mess around with it, Look were it says input off and on. When it is red, the manual input is off, so the weapon officer has control. When it is green then manual input is on, you have the control over it. I have used it manually to hit a standing target because the first hit took out the targets drive and I want to be sure it is going to hit.

Other times I used it to launch a aft torpedo wild at 20 meters in hopes I hit a destroyer looking for me.. How ever if you had been letting the weapons officer set up your hit and the torpedoes are missing, the reason for that is the game by default launches the torpedo at a 12 meters depth run. So he is missing because the torpedoes are going under the ship before they can start to surface. Since the torpedo depth can be adjust with the input on, just set each tube to launch at about 3 to 5 meters.

When the tubes are reloaded, re-check to make sure it is still at about 3 to 5 meters before sending them. Any shallower than that, the enemy will spot them and start evading, mainly if you send them out at 1meter. Once a target spots you or the inbound torpedo or the torpedo missed but the target heard it go by, or the torpedo rubbed against the targets hull, or the torpedo was so fast that it reached its contact point that the bow of the target ran it over, the ship will start its evasion maneuver.

This is were it starts turning hard to starboard right and hard to port left. Making it impossible to hit with another shot. If your loaded with straight run torpedoes, to get another chance you have to time its shift so that by the time it turns back it will be in the alignment of the hit.

Silent hunter 5 manual tdc tutorial pdf

I only had that work out once for me, and that was a lucky shot because I was doing this with a different target in the convoy, and it still missed and ended up hitting a different target who was evading..

But in the game it is only the sonar. After all, a chemical reaction is going to make some kind of noise right? Each one dose serve a smart purpose. You have the gas charged, and electric. And from there the types, which is Straight run, ladder run, and homing.

Additional chipsets may be supported after release. NOTICE: This game contains technology intended to prevent copying that may conflict with some disc and virtual drives. You will be prompted to enter this number at the first launch of the game. The code is located inside the game box.

Silent Hunter 3 - Manual

Silent Hunter III must be installed before you can run the game. Click Install and follow the instructions as they appear. If you have auto-run disabled, you may launch the installer manually. Look for Setup. The game and all its components are then removed from your system, except for your saved games. I'm new at this, so I tried to look for youtube tutorials and even looked at the manual but I just can't seem to get a grasp of it.

Maybe I'm just stupid but does anybody have like a step-by-step checklist of what to do with manual targeting using TDC? Showing 1 - 15 of 33 comments. The idea is that you use guesstimates of the target's angular size and momentum and input them into the TDC. You use the height from the reference book to gauge the distance, then use it to estimate speed, and gauge its course by eye. It's all trigonometry and Mk 1 Eyeball.

You don't need to watch videos. Its pretty simple 1. Find your boat and draw a circle around it 3. If you have a ship, check on the periscope and the grade number of the ship position. Now draw a straight to the ship, to get the distance. Now see the target speed and choose your torpedo speed manually fast, slow, medium Also the torpedo depth is very important, watch the ship type and keel depth to set the perfect torpedo depth to strike the keel and make a 1 hit wonder like some musicians did:Cycle down: Every convoy, taskforce or lone merchant will be forced to pass a few km from you.

Each one dose serve a smart purpose. Improved Guidance Systems As the Battle of the Atlantic raged on, it became more and more difficult for U-boat commanders to approach a convoy closely enough to attack effectively with the basic straight-running torpedoes. Sound travels under water easy. I'm not sure if there are other requirements, such as total tonnage or previous medals awarded.

A series of Type VII submarines were specially equipped with quad 20mm machine guns and were designed to escort groups of U-boats across the Bay of Biscay. However using the compass dial to set a course can also be useful under certain circumstances. Each patrol will now recognise your new number, as will your in-game crew compartment screen and every patrol log.

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