CPWD Speci Civil Vol1 - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) CPWD Specifications, are the revised edition of existing CPWD. CPWD Specifications, are the revised edition of existing CPWD CPWD Specifications, shall be a bilingual document (Hindi version will follow). be in accordance with C.P.W.D. specifications Volume I to VI with upto Infill to frame with First Class Brickwork as per CPWD Specification / relevant BIS.

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these specifications to determine his contractual obligations for the work . be carried out strictly in accordance with CPWD specifications using. of CPWD Specifications Volume II – DSR Item No. Vertical load testing of piles in accordance with. IS (Part IV) including installation of . TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Page 10 of. SUB HEAD: CARRIAGE OF MATERIALS. Please refer to CPWD Specifications Volume I – Page No.

This can be removed easily by rolling the bags when the cement is taken out for use. Lumbed bags, if any should be removed and disposed off.

CPWD+ +Waterproofing+Specification

The width of the stack shall be not more than four bags length or 3 metres. In stacks more than 8 bags high, the cement bags shall be arranged alternately length-wise and cross-wise so as to tie the stacks together and minimize the danger of topping over.

Cement bags shall be stacked in a manner to facilitate their removal and use in the order in which they are received; a lable showing date of receipt of cement shall be put on each stack to know the age of cement. Care shall be taken to see that the waterproofing membrane is not damaged any time during use.

After taking out the required quantity of cement, the lid of the drum shall be securely tied to prevent ingress of moisture. Proper access shall be provided for the replacement of silos.

These shall not be dumped at site. Building bricks shall be loaded or unloaded a pair at a time unless palletized. Unloading of building bricks or handling in any other way likely to damage the corners or edges or other parts of bricks shall not be permitted.

For proper inspection of quality and ease in counting the stacks shall be 50 bricks long, 10 bricks high and not more than 4 bricks in width, the bricks being placed on edge, two at a time along the width of the stack. Clear distance between adjacent stacks shall not be less than 0.

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Bricks of each truck load shall be put in one stack. Bricks of different classification and size consideration such as, conventional and modular shall be stacked separately. Also bricks of different types, such as, solid, hollow and perforated shall be stacked separately. The height of the stack shall not be more than 1. The length of the stack shall not be more than 3.

In case blocks cured for less than 28 days are received, these shall be stacked separately. All blocks should be water cured for 10 to 14 days and air cured for another 15 days; thus no blocks with less than 28 days curing shall be used in building construction. In the stack, the tiles shall be so placed that the mould surface of one faces that of another.

Height of the stack shall not be more than one metre. During unloading, these shall be handled carefully so as to avoid breakage. Tiles when supplied by manufacturers packed in wooden crates, shall be stored in crates. The crates shall be opened one at a time as and when required for use. It is preferable to transport these at the site on platform trolleys.

If such a surface is not available, a platform of planks or old corrugated iron sheets, or a floor of bricks, or a thin layer of lean concrete shall be made so as to prevent contamination with clay, dust, vegetable and other foreign matter.

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On a large job, it is desirable to construct dividing walls to give each type of aggregates its own compartment. Fine aggregates shall be stacked in a place where loss due to the effect of wind is minimum. The suggested sizes for stacks are as follows : Sl. Fly ash in bulk quantities shall be stored in stack similar to fine aggregates as specified in 1.

Fly ash in bags shall be stored in stacks not more than 10 bags high. It is desirable that ends of bars and sections of each class be painted in distinct separate colours.

It is desirable to coat reinforcement with cement wash before stacking to prevent scaling and rusting. Also in coastal areas or in case of long storage a coat of cement wash shall be given to prevent scaling and rusting. It shall be stored above ground level by at least mm upon platforms, skids or any other suitable supports to avoid distortion of sections. In coastal areas or in case of long storage suitable protective coating of primer paint shall be given to prevent scaling and rusting.

The aluminium sections shall not be pulled or pushed from the stack nor shall be slided over each other, to protect the anodizing layer. The material should be lifted and carried preferably flat avoiding damage of corners or sides. If received in crates they shall be stacked according to manufacturers instructions and removed from the crates as and when required for the work. These shall not be allowed to stand for long in this manner before being fixed so as to avoid the door frames getting out of shape and hinges being strained and shutters drooping.

The tarpauline shall be hung loosely on temporary framing to permit circulation of air to prevent condensation. The storage shall preferably be in well ventilated dry rooms. The frames shall be stacked one over the other in vertical stacks with cross battens at regular distances to keep the stack vertical and straight.

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These cross battens should be of uniform thickness and placed vertically one above the other. The door shutters shall be stacked in the form of clean vertical stacks over the other and at least 80 mm above ground on pallets or suitable beams or rafters.

The top of the stack shall be covered by a protecting cover and weighted down by means of scantlings or other suitable weights. The shutter stack shall rest on hard and level ground.

The wet material may be dried by stacking in shade with battens in between adjacent boards with free access of dry air generally following the guidance laid down in IS When materials of different sizes grades and types are to be stacked in one stack due to shortage of space, the bigger size shall be stacked in the lower portion of the stacks.

Suitable pallets or separating battens shall be kept in between the two types of material. If stacked in exposed position, they shall be protected from damage by the winds. Asbestos cement sheets of same variety and size shall be stacked together. Damage sheets shall not be stacked with sound materials. Manual for Specifications and Standards for Four The companies Regd Valuers and Valuation Rules Name of In case Those who download the tender document from website Downloading and taking printouts of allotment letters as well as various forms used in Urban Development has prescribed detailed specifications for free of cost up Tender Notice for upgradation of Conference hall If a bidder The specifications of many items have been updated and improved by making them more comprehensive.

Specifications of items, which have become obsolete over a period Specifications of items, which have become obsolete over a period Cpwd Specifications Volume 1 - b-designed.

CPWD Speci Civil 2009 Vol1

Cpwd specifications Government of india central public works department cpwd specifications vol. The revised Specifications have been made more comprehensive by including many new items and latest construction technologies, which are presently in use in various CPWD works and projects.

Cpwd norms.

CPWD for its effective working has developed the following codes, manuals, schedules, technical specifications, design manuals and other Cpwd Specifications Volume 1 - b-designed. Flag for inappropriate content.

Development Of Light Weight Concrete. Name of work Estimated Amount in lakhs CPWD has well documented specifications for works and schedule of rates,The finished concrete surface shall present a smooth surface with correct slopes and uniform rounding.

If the departmental issue rates of the materials are not available then the recovery shall be effected at twice the prevailing market rates as determined by the Engineer-in-Charge. Specifications of items, which have become obsolete over a period Cpwd Specifications Volume 1 - b-designed. The application of the slurry should continue upto a height of mm on the parapet wall and also the groove as shown in Fig. Items of long pan W. The diameter of the needle shall be determined based on the density and spacing of reinforcement bars and thickness of sections.

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