Accelerated Learning Techniques [Brian Tracy] on Accelerated Learning Techniques (6 Compact Discs, Writable PDF Workbook, Bonus CD titled Relaxation Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App. Accelerated Learning Techniques. Brian Tracy and Colin Rose. (Six audio cassettes or CDs, page workbook, plus one bonus audio cassette or CD). Learn a. Digital Download. Accelerated Learning Techniques Digital Download (7 hours and 55 minutes) plus PDF Workbook Best-selling author Brian Tracy and internationally renowned learning expert Colin Rose reveal, step-by-step, how to: .

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Colin Rose is a British expert on accelerated learning techniques and Brian Tracy is a well-known U.S. peak performance coach. According to Rose and Tracy. 5 out of 5 stars 15 customer reviews. Accelerated Learning Techniques + Bonuses. Training Kit 6 CDs, 2 PDF Reports, 1 Bonus CD $ $ (save 40%). Jun 5, Learn to accelerate your success by learning, retaining and recalling information faster. The Learning Revolution Report— A PDF download.

And much more… I am sharing with you 30 years of my experience in continuous learning. You can use these techniques immediately to make learning easier and faster so you can earn more. You will learn how to maximize your brain power and increase your IQ by 25 points or more. I was in my mid-twenties when I started my path to success. I was young and had no money. But I had goals and ambition. I wanted to know what made other people so successful.

I found the key tools for turning ordinary people into extraordinarily successful people. You will learn these 4 key tools and how to double YOUR productivity. It exposes the shifting paradigms of our rapidly advancing world. It also lays down the groundwork to prepare you for the coming changes in society and the work place. This is a system that will not only increase sales, but also show business owners how to actually operate a business…and it only takes minutes per week.

Just think. You could earn back your investment with just one of these tips. Digital downloads are not refundable.

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Are you ready? Yes, Brian!

I will learn 4 key tools that have turned ordinary people into extraordinarily successful people. I will also learn how to double my productivity. I will be able to better prepare for the coming changes in society and the work place. If I had this system when I started out I would have saved myself hundreds of hours of hard work, and years of spinning my wheels trying to figure it all out. Because of an uncanny ability to learn very quickly and retain practically everything, these people move ahead in life with amazing speed.

They get raises, promotions, recognition. They seem more productive, but less stressed. They always appear to be "on top of it," one step ahead. They seem to know everything! So what do they have that you don't? They've simply learned something you haven't: how to access their own personal Super Computers — their brains. You have absolutely everything you could ever need to succeed locked away inside your head. Your brain controls billions of cells, and you're hard-wired for learning and success whether you know it or not.

So what if you could begin increasing the percentage of your brain that you put to use each day? Think of your brain like a super computer: you can fire it up at will and search your mental filing system for whatever information you need. It's time to fire it up.

Parents should invest in the course while their children are still small. What a difference it would make if you knew how to apply these principals not only to your own continuing education, but also to the education of your children. I found this program to be the most helpful program I have ever completed. When you discover this tested and proven system, you: Discover how to read much faster than you can now When something involves strong emotions, it is usually very well remembered. You probably remember your first kiss, for example, or where you were when you heard someone significant had died.

It also means enjoyment and fun are important elements in learning, because they involve positive emotions. Now wrap your other hand over the top of this fist. If your wrist repre- sents your primitive brain, and the fist is your middle brain, the hand wrapped over it represents your new brain. This third brain is truly extraordinary. Lets get your brain capacity The good news is that this brain has all the capacity into perspective.

As it grows in you will ever need to learn and remember anything the womb, a week-old human you want.

So long as you know how! The incredible capacity of the brain has only recently been realized. You have An adult bee which can do about billion brain cells, a number that is almost impossible to visualize. The cell is in the middle. Each time something reaches one of neurons. Thats the number of brain cells These threads are called dendrites from a Greek that a human embryo grows in about three seconds! Then the thought crosses over to another brain cell, via its branch.

The process continues with perhaps thou- sands or millions of brain cells being connected up in sequence. It is a split-second mental chain reaction conducted by electrical activity. He calls it The Truine Brain brain cells. Some of these connections are permanent. That is why you can Theory. It is not really the number of brain cells you have, it is the number of connections you make between those brain cells that determines how useful your brain becomes, i.

The big news from brain scientists over the last years is that intelligence is not fixed.

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We become more intelligent the more we use our brains and the more stimulation we give our minds. Because the more you use your brain, the more connections you make between your brain cells. The more connections there are between your brain cells, the greater your potential is for intelligent thought.

In a real sense you are the architect of your own brain. You can develop your own intelligence. Barring injury or major illness, you do not lose brain capacity as you grow older, so long as you keep learning and keep seeking new experiences through hobbies, reading, work, sports, art, music, etc. The brain thrives on The motto is: Use it or lose it!

The more you use your brain, the better it gets.


At any age. The less you use it, the fewer brain cell connections you make, and eventually its capability will decline.

Imagine you are looking down on top of your head and are able to see through Colin Rose your skull to the thinking brain within. What you would see is that the thinking brain or neo-cortex consists of two distinct halves.

These are the Cerebral Hemispheres. The two halves are connected by a rich bundle of nerves. Ingenious research suggest that each hemisphere, or half of the brain, tends to have its own style of processing information for learning.

Left brain specialties Right brain specialties A funny thing about life. If you refuse to accept anything but the Speech Melody best, you often get it. Step-by-step logic Patterns Numbers Intuition W. Somerset Maugham Its important not to exaggerate the difference, because our brains are far too complex to be put into neat categories. Nevertheless, there is an important lesson to learn from this research.

Accelerated Learning Techniques Digital Download

Some people prefer a slow step-by-step build-up of information. We call them the more linear type of learner. Others prefer indeed, absolutely need to see the big picture of the subject.

The brain may well be like a To have an overview so they can see where it all leads. Its difficult to do a miracle computer.

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But its also the only one that runs on jigsaw puzzle without the picture on the box in front of us! We call them the glucose, generates 10 watts of more global type of learner.

When we listen to a song, the left brain will basically be attending to the words, David Lewis the right brain will be attending to the melody. In addition, the emotional center of your brain, or limbic system, will be engaged.

In other words, your whole brain is actively involved. You prob- Are you asking questions as you ably know dozens, maybe hundreds of songs yet you normally make little read? The conditions under which you listen to a song are usually relaxed and stress free. What does this information tell you about the conditions for effective learning? Does it make sense to combine activities that involve the whole brain as we The style of teaching that used to characterize our educational learn?

Combine, for example, pictures and words? Or words and music? Or system was typically, Sit still, the overall big picture with detail? That style of teaching suits less A very simplified way to explain the difference between linear and global than half the population.

No wonder so many people feel they could have done better at A totally linear approach would be to build up the image step-by-step. You school than they did.

And that would scan the hair, the forehead, then the eyebrows, the eyes, nose, mouth and feeling still affects their attitude toward learning years later. It is a slow, logical build-up of information in sequence. Of course we dont do that. We glance at the person and instantly our capacity for global thinking means we see the pattern.

The result is we immediately recognize we know the person. Heres why the distinction between linear learners and global learners matters. Most traditional educational materials rely too heavily on a linear presenta- tion, i. The more global learners get frustrated.Tests show that simply shifting a Work by Dr.

I want to save you hours, weeks, months, and years of your precious lives. It also lays down the groundwork to prepare you for the coming changes in society and the work place.

They are one of the best methods you could use to make the abstract concrete and memorable. Only recently have we realized how important this mid-brain is to learning. Each time something reaches one of neurons. Use a learning log - keep a record of keywords, thoughts about the learning process, etc. You can develop your own intelligence.

Theres a difference between knowing about something and truly understanding it.

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